Going Back to School? Try a Pre Paid Card

By Larry Goldberg

 It’s a simple fact – credit cards are a part of students’ lives these days, as common as textbooks and homework.  They are convenient, easy to use, and are accepted practically everywhere, even in a lot of campus cafeterias.  But did you know that students have several options when it comes to getting a credit card?

 One of the best kinds of credit accounts available to students is the prepaid card.  With a prepaid credit card, money is added to the card before any purchases are made, so you start off with a specific balance available for you to spend.  With every purchase, your balance goes down, instead of up like a traditional credit card.  These cards are great for college students because you don’t need established credit to get one, and anyone (parents, grandparents, etc.) can put money on your card.  Prepaid cards are also accepted in the same fashion as regular credit cards, both at stores and online.  While there is usually no interest rate with a prepaid credit card, watch for other monthly fees and costs.

 To learn more about prepaid credit cards and how they can benefit you, click here.

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